What video resolutions can the Insta360 One RS capture?

Crystal Clear Immersive Content: Video Resolutions of the Insta360 One RS

As a versatile modular 360 camera, the Insta360 One RS can capture a wide range of video and photo resolutions. With its interchangeable lens design, you get to pick the module that meets your creative needs. From crisp 5.7K video to ultra high 72MP stills, here is what you need to know about getting top quality content from the Insta360 One RS.

360 Module Resolutions

The dual lens 360 module records:

  • 5.7K @ 30fps video
  • 18MP 360 photos

This module uses two 210° fisheye lenses to capture full 360x180 degree views. The high 5.7K resolution provides stunning clarity and immersive visuals. Smooth 30fps footage is great for VR headsets or sharing on YouTube and social media.

1-Inch Module Resolutions

The 1-inch sensor module records:

  • 5.3K @ 30fps video
  • 72MP panoramic photos
  • 19MP standard photos

With a large 1-inch CMOS sensor, this module excels at high resolution videography and photography. You get pro-level image quality perfect for real estate tours, travel content, and more.

4K Module Resolutions

The wide angle 4K module records:

  • 4K @ 60fps
  • 4K @ 30fps
  • 1080p @ 30fps

Optimized for vlogging, interviews, and standard action shooting, the 4K module captures super smooth 4K footage. Slow motion 1080p recording is also available.

One major benefit of the Insta360 One RS is being able to swap modules to always use the best one for your current project. From immersive 5.7K 360 video to 72MP ultra high-res panoramas, you have the creative freedom to capture stunning content. Check out Insta360's website to learn more about this innovative modular camera.


With its interchangeable camera modules, the Insta360 One RS provides creators with an array of professional-level video and photo resolutions. Shoot stunning 5.7K 360 video, crystal clear 4K wide angle footage, and massive 72MP panoramas. The possibilities are endless with this modular camera system. If you demand maximum quality and creative flexibility from your content, the Insta360 One RS delivers impressive high resolution options in a compact and innovative form factor.

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