What video format does the Insta360 One RS use?

Optimized for Editing: Video Format of the Insta360 One RS

To deliver stunning 5.7K 360 footage, the Insta360 One RS uses a proprietary video format optimized for immersive capturing and editing. Here is an overview of the key video specifications.

Insv Format

The One RS records video using Insta360's own Insv format. Some key advantages of Insv:

  • Efficiently stitches dual lens 360 footage
  • Allows for reframing and stabilizing during editing
  • Embedded gyroscopic data enables smooth FlowState stabilization
  • High compression ratio for smaller file sizes
  • Works seamlessly with Insta360 apps and software

Insv holds all the critical metadata required for producing engaging 360 content from the rich source footage. This includes lens calibration, gyroscope motion data, and stereo audio channels.

Exporting Final Video

After editing Insv files in the Insta360 app or Studio software, you can export your polished videos in standard formats like MP4 to share online or with other applications.

The specialized Insv format gives the One RS tremendous flexibility when recording and processing immersive footage. Combined with Insta360's robust software tools, it unlocks the full potential of your 360 captures.


With its tailored Insv format that retains key metadata for editing, the Insta360 One RS captures 360 footage optimized for creating stunning, shareable videos through Insta360's suite of creative editing tools and apps.

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