What is the TimeWarp 3.0 feature on the GoPro MAX?

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
5 min read
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Unraveling the Power of GoPro MAX's TimeWarp 3.0

Embark on a journey through time with the GoPro MAX's innovative TimeWarp 3.0 feature! In this blog post, we'll unveil the magic behind this advanced time-lapse video tool. From automatic speed adjustments to intelligent motion, scene detection, and lighting adaptation, discover how TimeWarp 3.0 on the GoPro MAX transforms your time-lapse storytelling into a seamless and cinematic experience. Let's dive into the details of this feature that transcends the boundaries of traditional time-lapse capabilities.

Unlocking Time: The Essence of GoPro MAX's TimeWarp 3.0

Let's explore the intricacies of the TimeWarp 3.0 feature on the GoPro MAX:

What is TimeWarp 3.0?

TimeWarp 3.0 is the pinnacle of time-lapse video technology integrated into the GoPro MAX. It goes beyond the conventional by offering automatic speed adjustments, ensuring your time-lapse sequences are dynamic, engaging, and perfectly suited to the pace of your adventure.

Key Features of TimeWarp 3.0:

  1. Automatic Speed Adjustments: TimeWarp 3.0 intelligently adjusts the speed of your time-lapse based on motion, ensuring smooth transitions and captivating visual narratives.
  2. Motion Detection: The feature recognizes changes in motion, enhancing the overall flow and rhythm of your time-lapse sequences.
  3. Scene Detection: TimeWarp 3.0 adapts to different scenes, optimizing speed to match the complexity and visual dynamics of your surroundings.
  4. Lighting Adaptation: Whether you're chasing sunsets or capturing dawn, TimeWarp 3.0 adjusts to varying lighting conditions, maintaining optimal exposure throughout your time-lapse.

How to Use TimeWarp 3.0 on the GoPro MAX:

  1. Access the TimeWarp Mode: Navigate to the TimeWarp mode on your GoPro MAX.
  2. Set Preferences: Choose your preferred settings, including speed, duration, and stabilization options.
  3. Capture: Start recording and let TimeWarp 3.0 work its magic, automatically adjusting speed based on the nuances of your adventure.

Where to Elevate Your Time-Lapse Adventure: Ready to redefine your time-lapse storytelling? Purchase the GoPro MAX on GoPro's official website and immerse yourself in the world of TimeWarp 3.0—a feature that transcends the boundaries of time, motion, and storytelling.

TimeWarp 3.0: Capture Time, Tell Stories - Get Your GoPro MAX Today!

Explore the transformative capabilities of TimeWarp 3.0 here and revolutionize the way you capture and share the essence of time in your adventures. Get your GoPro MAX today and master the art of time-lapse storytelling like never before!


The TimeWarp 3.0 feature on the GoPro MAX isn't just a time-lapse tool; it's a storyteller's ally. By seamlessly integrating automatic speed adjustments based on motion, scene detection, and lighting, TimeWarp 3.0 transforms time-lapse sequences into dynamic and cinematic narratives. As you capture the essence of your adventures with the GoPro MAX, TimeWarp 3.0 becomes the bridge that transcends time, allowing you to tell stories that are truly timeless.

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