What is the maximum depth for underwater shooting with the GoPro MAX without a housing?

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
5 min read
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GoPro MAX's Waterproof Wonder Without a Housing

Ready to explore the underwater world without limits? In this blog post, we'll plunge into a key aspect of the GoPro MAX – its underwater shooting capabilities without the need for a housing. Join us as we answer the question: What is the maximum depth for underwater shooting with the GoPro MAX without a housing?

Discover how the MAX's waterproof prowess, extending up to 16 feet (5 meters), opens up a realm of aquatic possibilities for adventurers and water enthusiasts. Dive into the details that make the GoPro MAX a go-to choice for capturing the magic beneath the surface.

Submerging Without Limits: GoPro MAX's Waterproof Performance

When it comes to capturing underwater moments, the GoPro MAX's waterproof capabilities redefine the possibilities. Let's explore the specifics of shooting underwater without a housing:

What is the Maximum Depth for Underwater Shooting with the GoPro MAX?

The GoPro MAX is designed to be your underwater companion, offering waterproof performance up to 16 feet (5 meters) without the need for a housing. Whether you're snorkeling in crystal-clear shallows or exploring vibrant coral reefs, the MAX ensures that your underwater footage is not just protected but vivid and immersive.

Key Features of GoPro MAX's Waterproof Design:

  1. Sealed Construction: The MAX's robust construction ensures that it remains watertight, providing a protective shield for its internal components during underwater adventures.
  2. Intuitive Controls: Navigate through settings and capture stunning underwater footage seamlessly with the MAX's user-friendly controls, designed for use in aquatic environments.
  3. Versatile Underwater Shooting: From serene underwater landscapes to dynamic aquatic activities, the MAX's waterproof capabilities empower you to capture every moment beneath the surface with confidence.

Where to Dive into Underwater Creativity with GoPro MAX: Ready to explore the depths with the GoPro MAX? Purchase this waterproof wonder on GoPro's official website and dive into a world where underwater shooting is both effortless and exhilarating.

Capture the Depths: Get Your GoPro MAX Today!

Explore the underwater shooting capabilities of GoPro MAX here and redefine the way you capture and relive your aquatic adventures. Get your GoPro MAX today and submerge yourself in a world of underwater creativity without limits!


The GoPro MAX emerges as a versatile and fearless companion for underwater enthusiasts, offering a maximum depth for underwater shooting without a housing of up to 16 feet (5 meters). With a sealed construction, intuitive controls, and versatile shooting capabilities, the MAX ensures that your underwater adventures are not only protected but vividly captured in all their glory. As a waterproof wonder, the GoPro MAX invites adventurers to submerge into aquatic creativity without limits, making it an essential tool for those who seek to capture the magic beneath the surface.

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