Is the Insta360 One X3 waterproof?

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
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Capture Underwater: Exploring the IPX8 Waterproof Design of the Insta360 One X3

As consumer 360 cameras aim to expand creative possibilities for both novice and professional content creators, durable designs that facilitate underwater capture can be a major advantage. The recently released Insta360 One X3 brings best-in-class waterproofing to the table in a compact form factor with its IPX8 rating.

IPX8 Waterproof Rating

Insta360 specifies the One X3 as achieving an IPX8 waterproof designation. This means the camera has undergone stringent testing to validate it can withstand continuous immersion for extended periods at depths up to 10 meters (30 feet). For many underwater activities like snorkeling, swimming, and boating the IPX8 rating provides ample headroom.

Water-Tight By Design

Unlike models that rely on housing cases to enable underwater functionality, the One X3 incorporates water resistance from inception in its very design. Careful manufacturing, gaskets, and treatment allow the camera to prevent ingress of liquid without needing bulky accessories. This makes bringing 360 capture to wet environments quick and convenient.

Shoot Under the Sea

The IPX8 waterproofing opens new doors for immersive video and photos in aquatic settings. Paired with Insta360’s convenient mounting solutions, capturing smooth 5.7K footage while snorkeling, surfing, or diving through mesmerizing undersea vistas becomes simple to achieve with pro-caliber production values. The robust build quality provides peace of mind.

Don’t Sacrifice Features

Amazingly the One X3 retains robust feature sets like FlowState stabilization, smart scene selection, and intuitive app control even when submerged. And the sleek form factor slips easily into pockets when moving between locations. For wet and wild adventures, it represents a top blend of imaging power, creative control, and durable practicality.

To explore the possibilities of a waterproof 5.7K 360 capture for yourself, check out the Insta360 One X3. Proven down to 10 meters in depth, the expert IPX8 rating unlocks immersive underwater content creation easily. Learn more at Insta360’s One X3 product page.


With an IPX8 rating validated for continuous underwater use down to depths of 10 meters, the One X3 enables exciting new realms of immersive capture without needing external housing or bulky accessories. For water lovers, its integrated waterproof design brings pro-grade features into amazing aquatic environments.

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