How long has the One X3 been available?

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April 30, 2024
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The Road to the Insta360 One X3: A Look at the Latest Release Timeline

As the consumer 360 camera market continues maturing with rapid innovation, even seasoned creators can lose track of the pace as new leading options get announced and hit shelves from favorites like Insta360. The recently launched Insta360 One X3 model has generated lots of excitement over its upgraded 5.7K video powers in an intuitive package, but when did it debut?

Public Unveiling in October 2022

Insta360 officially unveiled the impending One X3 in October 2022 through a series of teaser videos and website updates highlighting the new model’s key improvements regarding capturing more stabilized, higher resolution 5.7K spherical video and 72MP photos aided by intuitive operation. Additional capabilities were shown over subsequent weeks.

Available by End of 2022

As specs and features rolled out publicly across the initial announcement, Insta360 shared that the final One X3 hardware would ship with all advertised functionality in the consumer's hands by the end of 2022. Units began distribution to several markets globally thanks to streamlined manufacturing just before the holidays.

Continually Improving Firmware

One hallmark of Insta360’s consumer camera reputation involves constantly enhancing in-market models long after launch via ongoing firmware updates. This means early adopters of the One X3 stand to gain new capture modes, boosted performance, and tweaked creative controls over its lifecycle thanks to world-class software support improving the hardware over time.

Eager to capture the cutting edge of consumer 360 creativity today while investing in improved capabilities tomorrow? The freshly launched Insta360 One X3 delivers excellent 5.7K resolution now while roadmapped to raise the bar even higher through revisions soon. Pick yours up directly from Insta360’s online store.


With its public unveiling in October 2022 and retail availability by the 2022 holidays, the feature-packed Insta360 One X3 brings next-generation 5.7K 360 video capture to eager creators on the cutting edge backed by continual firmware updates improving functionality over time.

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