How do I update the firmware on the Insta360 One R?

Unveiling the Power of Insta360 One R: A Guide to Firmware Updates

In the ever-evolving world of technology, keeping your devices up-to-date is key to unlocking their full potential. The Insta360 One R, a revolutionary modular action camera, is no exception.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the seamless process of updating the firmware on your Insta360 One R, ensuring you stay at the forefront of innovation.

Why Firmware Updates Matter:

Firmware updates are not just about fixing bugs; they bring enhancements, improved performance, and new features. Keeping your Insta360 One R firmware updated guarantees a smoother and more reliable user experience, unlocking advanced capabilities for your creative pursuits.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Update Firmware on Insta360 One R:

  1. Connectivity: Ensure your Insta360 One R is charged and turned on. Connect it to your smartphone using the dedicated Insta360 app.
  2. Navigate to Settings: Within the Insta360 app, navigate to the settings menu. Look for the 'Device' or 'Camera' section, where you'll find the option for firmware updates.
  3. Check for Updates: The app will automatically check for the latest firmware available for your Insta360 One R. If an update is found, follow the on-screen prompts to proceed.
  4. Download and Install: Once the update is initiated, the app will download the firmware file. Make sure your internet connection is stable during this process. After downloading, the app will guide you through the installation.
  5. Complete the Update: The Insta360 One R will restart as part of the firmware update process. Ensure the camera remains connected to your smartphone until the update is complete.
  6. Verify the Update: Once the camera restarts, go back to the settings menu in the app to confirm that your Insta360 One R is now running the latest firmware.

Why Should You Update?

Firmware updates for the Insta360 One R may include:

  • Performance Enhancements: Enjoy improved stability, faster processing, and optimized battery life.
  • New Features: Explore exciting new features and shooting modes to elevate your creative possibilities.
  • Bug Fixes: Address any issues or bugs identified in previous firmware versions for a smoother user experience.

Stay Ahead, Stay Creative:

Regularly updating your Insta360 One R firmware ensures you make the most of this innovative camera's capabilities. Don't miss out on exciting features and improvements – keep your device updated for a cutting-edge creative journey.

Where to Get Your Insta360 One R:

Ready to embark on a firmware-upgradable creative adventure? Purchase your Insta360 One R today and start capturing moments like never before:

Elevate your content creation with the Insta360 One R – where every update brings you closer to limitless creative possibilities.


Embrace the limitless potential of the Insta360 One R, a groundbreaking modular action camera. Keeping your device's firmware updated is not just a routine; it's a journey into continuous improvement. Explore new features, enjoy enhanced performance, and stay at the forefront of creative innovation by regularly updating your Insta360 One R firmware. Elevate your storytelling, capture immersive moments, and unlock a world of possibilities with every update.

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