Can I add music to Insta360 One RS videos?

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
5 min read
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Enhancing Your Footage: Adding Music to Insta360 One RS Videos

Capturing stunning 5.7K 360 video is just the first step. For engaging productions, you’ll want to polish your Insta360 One RS footage with elements like music. The good news is you can easily add background music to your One RS videos during editing.

In the Insta360 app, access the Edit tab after importing your footage. Here you can:

  • Browse an included music library
  • Adjust audio volume
  • Sync beat points to edits
  • Trim music duration

For advanced editing, use Insta360 Studio software on your desktop to:

  • Import your own music files
  • Layer multiple audio tracks
  • Apply mixing and effects
  • Fine tune audio synchronization

Add energic tunes for action sports videos. Use ambient melodies for scenic drone clips. Match the mood and pacing of your video style.

With options to trim length, crossfade, and set levels, it's easy to make the music enhance your One RS videos rather than distract.

Polished audio takes your production value to the next level. Whether using the mobile app or Insta360 Studio, you have the creative tools to seamlessly mix engaging music into your 360 videos.


The Insta360 One RS makes elevating your videos with music simple through the mobile app's library and Insta360 Studio's robust multi-track editing. With timeline precision, you can perfectly sync audio to enhance the immersive footage you capture.

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