The Evolution of Traditional Photo Listings to 3D Virtual Home Tours

As a working professional, you have to be quick and innovative to keep up with the growing market. Reaching individuals across nations is more vital than ever in our globalizing world.

Presenting your property online with residential photography has been the standard for years. Technology and the consumer continue to evolve while real estate listings remain in the early days of internet selling. Photography alone can no longer keep up with everyday consumer needs. 3D virtual home tours allow your clients to walk through properties with just a few taps and swipes. Showcasing every one-of-a-kind abode you have to offer.

From Humble Beginnings to World Domination

Residential photography sprung up in the 1980s, first appearing in brochures. At the time real estate was providing consumers with the newest way to buy. The internet, not seeing property listings until 1999, sixteen years after its creation. Since technology and photography have continued to advance forward real estate buying has changed in some areas. Although real estate is lagging behind when it comes to using our advancing technology to display properties to their fullest potential.

In the past 24 years, residential photography has engaged with online real estate marketing. Technology and photography are ever-changing, and buyers are looking for an immersive experience when searching for their next home.

Unfortunately, residential photography alone is not meeting buyers' needs when showcasing beautiful apartments and special features. 3D Virtual tours grant your clients the immersive experience of viewing their potential space without having to be physically present. Showcasing your properties to the fullest with a 3D layout of the entire space, and easy-to-navigate 360-degree views.

Home Photography Timeline

1848: Oldest Photo of New York, Manhattan’s upper west side.

1983: Birth of the Internet.

1984-1999: Photos used in marketing Real Estate, Flyers, and Brochures.

1994: Virtual tours were born- 3-D reconstruction of  Dudley Castle in England as it was in 1550(Change wording here

1998: Internet spending skyrocketed reaching $2.4 billion.

1999: Internet Real Estate emerged.

2000-2005: Wifi entered the average individual’s home.

2010: First Oculus Rift prototype was created

2018-2020: 3D Virtual Home Tours reached

2022: 3D virtual tour market reached $28.42 billion.

2022: Closest we’ve ever been to the metaverse.

Residential Photography vs. 3D Virtual Home Tours

So you’ve got the photos back of your amazing listing, yet they don’t display the finer details of the one-of-a-kind space like you were hoping. After spending $100-$300 on the photographer, you post the listing with the still image pictures. Weeks go by and you’ve had a few clients interested but confused about the floor plan. Thus, you use another software to create a 2D layout hoping this will resolve the issue, helping the property sell. Except you receive even less interest in the property, no matter how many open houses you try or sites you post. There is no foot traffic.

Instead of seeking multiple archaic solutions, immerse your clients into any space with your perfectly constructed 3D home tour. Offer your consumers 3D dollhouse views of the entire property with just a click of a button. 3D home tours empower buyers with the ability to pause and resume their tour at leisure freeing up your time and theirs.

Home Tours in the 2020s and in the Future

The start of the 2020s created a huge change in how our world operates. Almost everyone being in lockdown caused our already strong internet presence to increase rapidly in size. Technology has been steadily growing for the past decades. The global pandemic is still fresh in everyone’s minds and the internet has become the preferred mode of communication in the majority of transactions.

Progressing your company with advanced technology aids your clients in finding their new homes, making both of your lives easier. With the use of technology ever-changing, clients are able to reach out to you within a moment's notice. Nonetheless how much time would you save with endless and needless questions if you had better software to showcase your properties more effectively?

3D virtual tours allow your business to step into the 2020’s giving your listing the opportunity to sell 31% faster. 3D virtual home tours ensure your properties hit the newest clients. Millennials and Generation Z, have been shown to prefer viewing any space with 3D tours online before attending in person.

3D virtual tours secure your business a fighting chance as we charge toward the future. Professionals have the ability to use top-of-the-line 360 cameras for real estate, such as the GoPro Max, Samsung Gear 360, Insta 360 One RS, or their smartphones. CloudPano gives your 3D virtual tour VR capabilities ensuring your clients are immersed in the newest buying experience. With the Metaverse predicted to be created by 2030, online real estate can not afford to be left in the 1990s.

Affordable Easy to use Software

Connecting through technology

CloudPano provides easy-to-use software allowing you to showcase your properties quickly and with affordability. At $33/month CloudPano offers you the ability to create the perfect 360 virtual tours. CloudPano displays your properties with the newest 3D technology it has to offer, giving your clients access to traverse the space from their computer, phone, or VR headset.

The past decades have shown us just how much technology has and can evolve our world. Millennials and Generation Z prefer to virtually transverse a space before buying. 3D virtual tours ensure that real estate marketing has the means to survive our ever-changing society, unlike MySpace and Yahoo!

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