Nate Thiry
Director of CloudPano Enterprise

Below are a few short trainings to get you quickly running on the CloudPano platform. I look forward to engaging you and your team further. If you need anything, I am just a click or call away.

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Introduction to CloudPano and 360° Tech


Get a crash course in 360 tours. Learn what a tour is, how to capture photos for a tour, and how to upload those photos to CloudPano.

How to use the Camera Hardware


Introduction to the hardware used to capture your vehicles.

The 360º camera – Ricoh Theta Z1

Basic instructions and settings to connect your camera to your phone

How to turn on the camera and pair to your phone

How to use the Camera App

Introduction to the mobile app used to export photos off your camera.

How to use the Ricoh Theta App

What settings are important to get started

Don't forget to download the Camera app!

Please make sure you download the Ricoh Theta Camera App to your phone.

iPhone DownoadAndroid Download

Exporting your photos to CloudPano

How to get your photos from your camera – to your phone –> to

Review photos

Export photos

Upload to CloudPano


Your Stand Options

Learn about the best camera stand to capture your photos.

Types of camera stands: Mic Stand, Mini Tripod, and Monopod

How to set up your stand propery


Monopod Training and Capturing Vehicle Interiors

Learn best practices to capture vehicle interiors

How to set up your camera

Optimal light conditions for vehicle interiors


Create a CloudPano° 360 Tour


Put it all together and create a CloudPano Tour with this full video walkthrough.

CloudPano at a glance

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Your Support Team

Our operations team is eager to help you succeed

John Onia

Front line support. Available via phone or chat for instant software questions.

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Nate Thiry

Director of Enterprise Sales and Account Manager at CloudPano. Your main point of contact.

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Clayton Rothschild

COO and Head of Product at CloudPano. Custom Development and Enterprise Features.

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Demo Tours

Quick tours from our last demo

Bavaria Motors

BMW Example

AUDI Huntsville

Ferrari Example


Tahoe Example