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Benefits of 360 Tours for Universities

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Immersive and Interactive Experiences

CloudPano's 360 virtual tours allow prospects to fully immerse themselves in the campus environment and interact with engaging elements during their exploration.

Exploration from Anywhere

Students worldwide can access and explore CloudPano's virtual campus tours from any location on their chosen device, unconstrained by geography.

Strengthened Recruitment and Outreach

By digitally showcasing the campus, CloudPano gives universities a powerful virtual recruitment tool to attract talented students in the digital era.

Attracting Diverse Student Populations

CloudPano enables universities to reach wider demographics and allows students globally to evaluate campuses based on personalized fit.

How The University of Alabama Recruits Basketball Athletes With CloudPano

The University of Alabama uses CloudPano to show off its world-class basketball facilities. Featuring the stadium, weight room, locker room, practice facility, training room, equipment room, etc. With the mantra of 'show don't tell' these types of 360º interactive tours speak volumes of their program and provide a big lift in their recruiting process.

The CloudPano team is dedicated to sharing your campus and showing the amazing facility where students can learn and grow.

Click Here To View The University of Alabama Tour
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How The Autry Technical Center Uses CloudPano To Attract Trade School Students

Autry Technical College leverages CloudPano's immersive 360 virtual tours to highlight its state-of-the-art facilities for prospective students.

Recognizing the need to provide an in-depth understanding of its technical education environment, Autry uses CloudPano's seamless, interactive tours.

These showcase the college's offerings through an engaging firsthand experience.CloudPano enables Autry Technical College to present its remarkable campus facilities in a captivating way.

The tours effectively convey the college's unique story and the exceptional learning opportunities available.By harnessing CloudPano's capabilities, Autry empowers itself to make a profound impression on prospective students.

Click Here to View The Autry Technical Center Tour

How CloudPano Tells Your Story and Meets Your Objectives

Professional 360º Photography
Interactive Hotspots
Lead Capture
Interactive Maps
Drone 360º Views
Embeddable Media (Video and Images)
Live 360º Video Chat
Custom Tour Themes
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Technology Driven Results

Data driven outcomes

New Channel for Engagement

In 2021, high school seniors virtual tour participation jumped 258% in 2021 according to April statistics from the educational technology company EAB.

Increased Application Lead Flow

An  analysis of more than 650,000 students, individuals who share their contact information while on a virtual tour are twice as likely to apply to that college as students who call or email an institution directly or fill out a form on the college's website.

Global Reach

CloudPano has served over 29 million views on the platform over the paste 12 months. With 360º and virtual tours on the rise, interactive viewing and touring are the expectation for all campus marketing experiences.

ADA Compliance

Making Virtual Campus Tours Accessible for All

CloudPano implements web accessibility best practices to meet ADA standards

Universities Trust CloudPano for ADA-Compliant Virtual Tours

Tours can be navigated with screen readers and high-contrast modes

CloudPano Tours Are Accessible on Any Device

Append "/accessible" to URLs to enable accessible viewing

Customizing Tours for Special Accessibility Requirements

CloudPano's Enterprise Solutions team tailors tours to meet specific rules

Exceeding Expectations for Accessibility

CloudPano stays current on ADA, WCAG, Section 508, AODA, and more

Scope of Project

What to expect

Project Phases

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Phase 1

Establish Goals
and Plan Project

Phase 2

Capture Onsite
Photos and Media

Phase 3

Edit Photos &
Assemble Walk-through

Phase 4

Deliver Review
and Implement

360 Images and Media

We capture high-quality 360 images of various locations across the campus, showcasing the facilities, classrooms, libraries, outdoor spaces, and more. These images provide a panoramic view, allowing viewers to explore each area in detail.

Embedded Media Content

To enhance the virtual tour experience, we integrate interactive media elements such as videos, audio guides, and informative descriptions. These embedded media components provide additional context and insights into the campus, academic programs, student life, and other relevant information.

Images and Video 2D

In addition to 360 images, we capture and incorporate traditional 2D images that highlight specific details, architectural features, or close-up views of important areas. These images serve as complementary visuals, further enriching the virtual tour experience.

Post-Production Image Enhancement

Our team of skilled professionals employs post-production techniques to enhance the visual appeal and quality of the captured images. Through meticulous editing, color correction, and optimization, we ensure that the virtual tour images are visually captivating and accurately represent the campus environment.

Drone 360 Imaging

For a unique perspective, we offer drone-based 360 imaging. Using state-of-the-art drone technology, we capture aerial views of the campus, allowing viewers to gain a bird's-eye perspective and appreciate the overall layout and surroundings of the institution.

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